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Biosecurity Solutions

YieldX's active biosecurity stack is the most effective strategy available to the poultry industry for the early detection and prevention of diseases in the production environment.

D-SENSE Early Disease Detection

Clear benefits for farmers

Farm Data

We collect and generate all environmental, operational, and physiological data for operational and biosecurity insights.

Employe Visibility

Employee biosecurity compliance and task management across the entire production for effective human power control.


End-to-end traceability and full live product id (PS-Hatchery-BF), for full production visibility and inventory control.

Rel-time Communication

Two way distribution of alerts & actionable Insights - from back office to IoT devices and vise versa for imidiate action.


We inform farmers and management in real-time on operational efficiency for better yield performances.

Biosecurity Insights

Stop various biosecurity protocol breaches in real-time for effective prevention of disease spreading and damage minimization.

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