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Become YieldX's Partner

Our distribution or channel partners can be hardware companies or software companies, professionals such as veterinarians or consultants in the field of poultry farming and who provide different solutions for farms and integrations of different sizes.


A partnership with YieldX
is an investment in competitive advantage

As a company that advocates the vision of producing poultry in a disease-free environment, we invest all our resources in developing elite technologies that will enable new practices in the fields of biosecurity. Exposure to these technologies can ensure a sustainable competitive advantage for our channel partners and a better future for our joint customers.

Operational simplicity is the name of the game

The technology we developed at YieldX is automatic and can be operated from anywhere in the world. This fact greatly facilitates our channel partners and allows them significant tools in providing service for customers.


Distributor? Interested in a channel partnership? Please contact us. 

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