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YieldX is all about
active biosecurity.

We predict, early detect, and prevent biological threats in complicated food systems.

We are taking perception to Biosecurity
and food systems to singularity.


YieldX leverages the power inherent in the senses such as smell, vision, and sound in order

to understand the complex farm environment.

Bio AI & IoT

YieldX provides real-time visibility into the entire grains-to-protein chain, unlocking the best possible professional and business decisions to impact higher yield.


YieldX detects unfavorable sanitary conditions in which diseases can break out and warns long before this happens so the farmers are aware and proactive.


The principle behind YieldX is sustainability improvement, biological element control, and maximizing biological potential at the best possible FCR. 


YieldX provides automatic meaningful biosecurity insights

to drive immediate yield and health-related action on any business level.

Industry 4.0+

YieldX monitors all Integration practices and generates real-time actionable suggestions that improve yield along the supply chain.

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YieldX's Story


The ability to predict the results, and business consequences of dynamic biological processes, and prepare in a timely manner is the ability to create a sustainable competitive advantage in a disease-free production environment. This is exactly what AIoT-based YieldX's technology allows poultry businesses to achieve these days, resulting in higher yield and business outcomes. While the scarcity of biological resources is growing, YieldX's story is making sure that the utilization of biological potential is optimal, healthy, and sustainable.


YieldX aims to become the benchmark platform for poultry production & biosecurity, by creating the most comprehensive visibility of the entire supply chain and adapting the organization to meet the production challenges of the future. Our ultimate vision is disease-free production. Implementing this vision will bring all stakeholders to produce in the best, most precise, and responsible way. Active biosecurity is the future and the significant means to achieve our vision.


YieldX is a Bio-AIoT-powered, zero-typing, biosecurity data platform dedicated to empowering poultry production decisions at all critical crossroads throughout the entire production chain. YieldX addresses the most crucial aspects of poultry farming such as sustainability Improvement, biological element control, health and biopotential, ensuring real-time, end-to-end smart biosecurity-related decisions at best FCR.


The Technology

Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning capabilities (ML/AI), the platform modules allow for optimal utilization at both, the business unit level and full control of the entire supply chain.


A beacon device constantly transmits its location,
monitoring the environmental condition and creating awareness for all the connected devices along the production chain.


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A wireless hardware device that will be worn
by workers throughout their working shift and will monitor their physical and task-related


A hardware device that is placed in a bracket
connected to an egg/chicks trolley and monitors the location as well as all the physical surrounding attributes of its biological content.

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A managerial decision support AI-based software that provides centralized visibility into
the biological product in process activity along with actionable real-time suggestions.


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Addressing SDG

YieldX's technology enables the poultry processing industry to look ahead and adapt to the challenges of sustainability, biosecurity, and animal care. At YieldX we are addressing SDG's goals no' 2, 9, and 12.


Want to know more? Leave details and we will get back to you soon.

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Build resilient infrastructure,

promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation.

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

In The News



YieldX joins Techstars 2nd accelerator program in Tel Aviv

and secures pre-seed investment


YieldX got to the Food Congress finals as one of the most innovative Animal Tech companies

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