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IoT Infrastructure

YieldX provides automatic, real-time, centralized visibility and control of the entire grains-to-protein supply chain, unlocking the best possible professional and business decisions, reducing human error, and enabling a sustainable and healthy poultry farming operation. 



Positioned in fixed locations throughout the entire production chain. Monitors ambient conditions and inventory movements in real-time. Provides alerts and notifications on critical operational and biosecurity scenarios. 100% OTA configuration.


Attached to the moving trolley, transport, etc. Sensors eggs, chicks, and employees. Provides 100% automatic inventory management of the biological products. 100% traceability from PS to Hatchery to BF. 100% OTA configuration.


Complete Farm Data


We collect and generate all environmental, operational, and physiological data for operational and biosecurity insights

Employe Visibility


Employee biosecurity compliance and task management across the entire production for effective human power control

Process Optimization


We allow process optimization & planning using smart prediction tools and simulations so you perform better on any business unit level



End-to-end traceability and full live product id (PS-Hatchery-BF), for full production visibility and inventory controll

Rel-time Communication


Two way distibution of alerts & actionable Insights - from back office to IoT devices and vise versa for imidiate action

Operational Simplicity


We practice 100% OTA automatic configuration, and 100% power and comm. auto-recovery so the deployment and maintenance are hassle-free

Process Automation


We inform farmers and management in real time on operational ineficiency for better yield performances



Stop various biosecurity protocol breaches in real time for effective prevention of diseases spreading and damage minimization

Data Sharing


We export data to any existing internal management system in the organization so farmers and integrations gain imidiate value using YieldX's IoT infrastructure

Benefits for farmers

Let's talk

If you are running a poultry integration or providing SW/HW services to the poultry ecosystem, YieldX can enhance your business. Contact us today and ask us how.

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