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Active Biosecurity Platform

Continuous and real-time monitoring of eggs, and chicks in motion throughout the entire production process.

Biosecurity devices
From parent stock farms, through hatcheries to broiler farms, get complete visibility into biosecurity aspects and possible yield loss in real-time.


Located in fixed locations throughout the production process, the BioCore enables intelligence and control of the production floor in the given location.



Attached to an egg/chick trolley, transport, etc. The TM-TAG monitors eggs and chicks in motion. Provides 100% automatic biological inventory visibility and control.



Regardless of the complexity of the integration, we are aware of the place of each trolley in the production process



We make it possible to stop biosecurity events at the level of a single trolley, thereby preventing greater damage

Operational simplicity

Automatic installation that requires no effort and provides immediate operational value

Smart alerts

Smart sensors that alert in cases and there are biosecurity or yield-related events that require immediate involvement

3rd party

data sharing

A cloud-based solution that allows information to be shared in real time with any third party in the process



Sophistication,  and innovation that are assimilated into the existing structure of the trolley

For the first time in the industry, production managers receive benefits that upgrade biosecurity capabilities in real-time in each of the production sites.

Extensive Traceability

We establish connectivity across the entire chicken growth process, ensuring absolute transparency and traceability of the biological product throughout the entire production journey.

Inventory Inteligence

Without any human intervention or complicated installations, we empower real-time management and control of a complete biological inventory of eggs and chicks.

Two-way Communication

The platform enables

real-time communication from the back office to

the production floor, as well as communication from production to the decision-makers.

Immediate benefits

In the event of a disease

outbreak, a faster and more efficient containment of the disease can be achieved by marking the infected areas or individuals using floor devices.

Real-time notification of operational events that have the potential to negatively impact both the health aspects and performance of the chicks.

In the event of a disease outbreak, it is essential to have a complete understanding of the point of entry through which the disease infiltrated the production environment.

A network of sensing points that constantly analyze the production environment and can rapidly indicate the possible occurrence of diseases or pests.

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